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What is the impact of recycling just ONE can? Novelis and Discovery Education are proud to bring you Life of a Can, a brand new elementary recycling education program that allows your students to explore this question and many more! Your students will be empowered to make a positive difference in their communities as they explore the never-ending lifecycle of a recycled aluminum can.


Students can be defenders of the planet, just like National Hockey League defenseman Andrew Ference, who highlights the power of recycling in our featured video, What’s One Can. After viewing the video, your class CAN explore how recycling saves energy, investigate their impact on the environment, and examine the properties and structures of aluminum. Finally, extend the learning at home with a scavenger hunt that illuminates the potential energy saved from aluminum recycling.

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Is your school currently without a recycling program? Bring learning to life and engage your students in establishing a school-wide program, with our Recycling Program Toolkit.



Novelis is proud to be the world’s leading recycler of aluminum, and Novelis employees worldwide are passionate ambassadors of the importance of recycling. Visit our Employee Resources page today and download activities to share with your family or youth in your community.


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